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Fluid iSoylator is a soy based sealant that is absorbed into the pores near the concrete’s surface, creating a hydrophobic barrier which blocks water and salt. Ideal for protecting driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other concrete/masonry products that are exposed to water or salt.

  • Penetrates into Concrete
  • Blocks Water
  • Blocks Salt
  • Prevents Freezing Damage

Traditional Film Sealant vs. Fluid iSoylator

Untreated concrete is easily damaged from freezing and thawing.

Untreated concrete absorbs fluids from the surface. Whether or not the concrete has already experienced damage, any water remaining in the pores when the concrete is exposed to freezing temperatures will expand and cause damage from the inside. This damage will eventually compromise the concrete both aesthetically and functionally.

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Damage to traditional sealants allows water to become trapped underneath, compromising the effectiveness of the sealant.

Typical film style sealants (such as silane based sealants) create a film on the surface of the concrete to prevent it from being exposed to fluids. This works fine in ideal conditions, however as soon as the film becomes even slightly damaged fluid will enter the damaged area. Once this happens the sealant becomes counter-productive, preventing the fluid that has entered from evaporating, creating a greater risk of damage upon freezing.

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Because Fluid iSoylator absorbs into the concrete and stays fluid, it continues to protect concrete even after damage has occured.

Fluid iSoylator™ is absorbed into the pore network of concrete to create a hydrophobic barrier. It remains fluid throughout the lifetime of its protection. This allows the sealant to fill into areas that are damaged in order to protect these vulnerable areas as well.

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Environmental Concrete Products™ offers professional application of Fluid iSoylator™ in the central Indiana area. We also have well trained partners performing applications throughout the Midwest. If you would like to ensure that your concrete gets the best possible protection give us a call (877-229-0050) to schedule an application.

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Do-It-Yourself Projects

Fluid iSoylator™ is sold and shipped in 5 gallon, industrial grade aluminum pails. These containers include a built-in spout for easy pouring into sprayers or paint trays for application. Fluid iSoylator™ can be ordered online, by phone (877-229-0050), and is also available at TheHomeDepot.com for home delivery or site-to-store pickup.

The application process is quick and easy. Preparation only requires a dry concrete surface, free of debris. See below for detailed application instructions. For larger projects, 275 gallon bulk totes are available.

One 5 gallon pail will fully cover 650 ft2 with two coats.

Application Instructions

Before Applying

It is vital that the concrete being treated is dry prior to sealant application. It is recommended that Fluid iSoylator™ not be applied within 36 hours of the most recent rainfall. The treatment surface should also be cleaned of dirt and loose debris. For best results, the treatment area may be blown clean and dry using compressed air several times immediately prior to application.


Sealant should not be applied if the air or concrete temperature is below the dew point or the freezing point. Fluid iSoylator™ can be applied using paint style applications such as a roller or brush. A garden variety sprayer may also be used in application. Recommended treatment rate for all methods is 130 ft2/gal. It is also recommended that treatment be done in at least two coatings (leaving an hour between coatings) to ensure a thorough distribution of the sealant. For optimum results, treat the surface in two passes with perpendicular directions of motion, and then repeat after allowing an hour for absorption.

After Applying

Fluid iSoylator™ may not perform to optimum standards if it’s not allowed time to be absorbed into the concrete. If rainfall (or other interference) occurs within 6 hours of application it is recommended that application be repeated once the concrete has again been dried. If rainfall occurs 6-24 hours after application it is recommended that the final coat be reapplied 24 hours after the conclusion of the rainfall. To maintain best results, reapply every 7-10 years.

Concrete Durability

After concrete is placed it begins to set. This process, of cement reacting with water, provides the concrete its strength but also causes an overall reduction in volume. This change in volume leaves pores throughout the concrete. As a result, concrete has properties similar to a sponge.

Initially the concrete is wet, but after adequate setting time, the water in the pores begins to dry out. The concrete is left like a rigidly strong, dried sponge.

What Causes Deterioration?

Fluid Absorption
The dry pore network within the concrete will absorb any fluids which are available.

Freezing and Thawing
When water in the pores freezes it expands, creating pressure and small fractures amongst the concrete’s pores. This water then thaws and fills into the newly initiated cracks, creating space for more water to enter. This process repeats each time that the temperature rises and falls around the freezing point and perpetuates damage until the concrete is compromised.

Salt Crystallization
Water often brings in salt (or other ionic species) from the concrete's surface. When the water evaporates, salt is left behind. This salt crystallizes in the pores and creates internal pressure, which causes cracking to begin. Water will enter again and bring additional salt, evaporate, and repeat the cycle. Each time this will bring in more salt, create more pressure, and further damage.

Preventing Damage
In order to eliminate the potential for these types of damage, we must eliminate the ability for fluids to enter the concrete pores. In order to accomplish this goal, concrete with a dry pore network can be treated with Fluid iSoylator™ to create a hydrophobic barrier, blocking water and salt and eliminating these issues out before they start.

Featured on Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick

Environmental Concrete Products and our soy-based sealant, Fluid iSoylator, were featured on Inside Indiana Business. Our president, Paul, was interviewed by Dr. K (Chair of Entrepreneurship, The Kelly School of Business, Indiana University - Bloomington) for the segment INovators during an October episode of Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick. You can watch the interview to learn how this product can protect your concrete or how your business can benefit from providing this service to your customers.

Purdue Startup Class of 2015

Environmental Concrete Products and Fluid iSoylator™ have been chosen to be part of Purdue’s Startup Class of 2015.

Fluid iSoylator™ is a patented product which resulted from research in Purdue Civil Engineering. A summary of a portion of the initial research (in which Fluid iSoylator™ is referred to as SME-PS) can be found on the Purdue Joint Transporation Research Program's website.