Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

  • What type of concrete will Fluid iSoylator™ protect?

    This sealant will extend the life of any concrete or mortar based product. Developed for the demanding needs of highway pavement, Fluid iSoylator™ will provide the same protection to your driveway, sidewalk, or patio. It can also be used to protect specialty concrete or mortar based products such as landscape blocks or other lawn and garden décor.

  • Is Fluid iSoylator™ the same as other soy based sealants I have seen?

    No, this is a new product developed and patented through extensive research in the Purdue University Civil Engineering Department. It has been shown to be an effective method of preventing salt absorption, as well as freeze and thaw damage, in both laboratory and field applications.

  • At what age can Fluid iSoylator™ be used to seal concrete?

    This sealant is a great solution for protecting both new and existing concrete. Since it functions by filling the pores of the concrete to create a barrier, it is best to allow time for the pores to fully develop before treating. For this reason it is recommended that sealant application occur after the concrete is at least 28 days old.

  • Can my lawn care or construction business offer your sealant application as a service to our customers?

    Yes! We are always looking for new partners to help us protect concrete wherever we can. Wholesale discounts are available and provide an opportunity to offer a highly profitable service, often to customers with whom you are already doing business. A typical application service should expect a 150% return on investment for every square foot of concrete that they treat. This service is also very low cost to initiate, as you likely already have the equipment for application as well as a customer base that likely has plenty of untreated concrete.

  • Can my lawn care or construction supply company offer retail sales of Fluid iSoylator™?

    Absolutely! Wholesale discounts are available, both for pallets of 5 gallon pails to be retailed, as well as larger bulk totes for applications on a larger scale. Environmental Concrete Products also has marketing materialsavailable that may be tailor to your business in order to help drive your retail sales.

  • Application

  • How do I apply Fluid iSoylator™ to my concrete?

    Most applications are done with the use of a garden variety backpack sprayer, similar to what is commonly used for lawn/weed chemicals. It may also be applied with a paint brush or roller, which may be useful for finer applications such as patios, steps, or concrete/mortar blocks.

  • Why can’t I apply shortly after rainfall?

    The goal of this sealing process is to have the sealant fill the pores of the concrete in order to prevent water from entering. However, if the concrete was recently wet and already contains some amount of water in the pores the sealant will not be able to fully fill the area in one application. If you believe you have applied too soon after a rainfall it is recommended that an additional coating be applied at a time when the concrete has been adequately dried.

  • Why does it matter if the temperature is below the dew point during my application?

    If the temperature is below the dew point water may be condensing on the walls of the pores within the concrete, even if it does not look wet. If this is the case, then the pore network is in a condition similar to what would be expected shortly after rainfall.

  • Purchasing

  • How can I purchase Fluid iSoylator™?

    You can order directly from us through this webpage or by giving us a call at 1-877-229-0050. We will confirm your order and notify you of its estimated arrival. Depending on your location we may also be able to direct you to a local retailer for quick, convenient pickup.

  • Do purchases include a backpack sprayer to apply the product?

    Since the application size and technicality will vary by project, and may benefit from different application methods, a sprayer is not included with sealant purchase.

  • Do you sell backpack sprayers? If not, where can they be purchased?

    We can provide you with a 4-gallon backpack sprayer for $59.99. We would also be happy to suggest a local vendor where you may be able to obtain a suitable sprayer for your application needs. It is recommended that sprayers and non-metal components be made of polyethylene (designated with either HDPE or LDPE).